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Financial Clarity For Doctors Podcast

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71. Financial Planning Hot Takes

Today we’re going to go against the grain and take a somewhat contrarian approach to the common themes you may see in typical headlines or blog posts.  These opinions may go against what you’ve been told before, or maybe they go under the radar. 

69. First Time Home Buying

Today we’re going to talk about buying your first home. The process of buying a home can be extremely overwhelming, especially for first time home buyers. This episode will give you some tips to make the process a little less staggering.

68. Don’t Make These Mistakes

Today we want to talk about the mistakes you shouldn’t make in financial planning. People probably overestimate how badly they can mess up their financial planning. There are some common mistakes that we see clients make, so we wanted to talk through a few pitfalls to avoid.

67. Timing The Market

Today we want to talk about trying to time the market and possible strategies for when and how to do it. We often come across prospective clients who are sitting on cash. Not sure how to go about investing it. Maybe waiting to invest because the market is at an all time high. Maybe they read an article predicting a possible pull-back.

66. PSLF Overhaul

Public Service Loan Forgiveness has been in the news quite a bit lately, and some of it has been good for a change! In October of 2021 the Department of Education released new guidance designed to temporarily loosen some of the rules that have made it more difficult to qualify for forgiveness. Key word being “temporarily”.

64. Stealth Wealth

Today we want talk about the concept of stealth wealth, i.e., flying under the wealth radar so people don’t realize how wealthy you actually are.

63. When Headlines Drive Decisions

Welcome back and thank you for listening to another episode of Financial Clarity for Doctors! Expect to see a lot of headlines as we close out the year, particularly on the tax side of things with the upcoming changes to the tax code

62. Target Date Funds – Good or Bad?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your money when it goes into your plan at work if you do NOTHING? Today we are going to talk about a type of mutual fund commonly referred to as a Target Date Fund or a Lifestyle fund. They are almost always in your work plans, but you can use them in other accounts as well.

60. Reality Minus Expectations Equals Happiness

Today we want to discuss your happiness and satisfaction and how it is largely tied to your expectations. As a little kid, if you got the present you asked for, you were elated. If you didn’t, you were disappointed. The best way to avoid disappointment is properly managing your expectations.

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