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Wealth Management For Medical Professionals

Finity Group advisors believe that successful investment strategies are rooted in taking a long term perspective and a correspondingly appropriate approach to portfolio management. Our advisors focus on goals based investing and risk adjusted performance in an effort to create a financial plan with the highest probabilities of success.


Investment Philosophy 

Our team emphasizes asset class allocation and diversification during the investment planning and management process. According to widely accepted research and studies on portfolio return, it has largely been determined that the majority of a portfolio’s returns come from strategic asset allocation or having the appropriate mix of asset classes within a portfolio to meet one’s goals. We work with our clients to ensure that their portfolio’s allocations match the specific goals of each account. We help our clients understand the importance of being invested to meet their stated objectives. It is important to note that while diversification and asset allocation strategies help to mitigate potential risk, they do not assure profit nor do they guarantee protection from loss.


Portfolio Management 

At Finity Group, client portfolios consist primarily of mutual funds and ETF products. Our advisors believe that both active and passively managed funds have and serve different functions in a well balanced portfolio. We consider it important to use a blend of these various products. For funds to be added to a client’s portfolio, we perform a rigorous due diligence process that focuses on numerous facets of an individual security, including but not limited to: investment strategy, fees, management tenure, numerous modern portfolio theory statistics and other risk/return metrics. We do not focus on chasing returns or basing investment decisions on past performance.

Retirement Planning

Finity Group takes a holistic approach to managing our clients’ wealth. Assisting clients in structuring a plan that will best position them to reach financial independence requires prudent investment management and the proper use of different investment vehicles, which ultimately diversifies the wealth by asset class, time horizon, and tax treatment.

Once accounts are established, investing should be done on an individual basis and Finity Group believes that, as each client’s situation is unique, their investments should be structured to reflect their individual aspirations. Once a client’s goals, time horizons, and risk tolerances are identified, Finity’s advisors will help design an appropriate portfolio of investments for each of their retirement accounts.

College Savings Plans

While the cost of higher education grows each year, there are a number of saving and investment tools that can aid in meeting this demand. Many educational savings plans offer significant tax incentives or provide tax-free distributions for accredited educational expenses. From Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts at the Federal level, State sponsored 529 plans, gifting programs, pre-paid tuition, or State bond programs the advisors at Finity Group can help you evaluate the options and determine the most appropriate approach to meet one’s educational funding goals.

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