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Financial Planning

Financial planning for physicians involves unique challenges that are not addressed in traditional financial planning.  Finity Group has a team of the best financial advisors for doctors, residents, fellows and medical students, who will strive to help you find financial success. From getting a career started on a path to financial stability with debt repayment strategies, contract review and insurance planning, to helping you identify your financial goals and the strategies to reach them, our advisors care for your financial health while you are busy caring for your patients’ health. 

Financial planning for dentists involves unique challenges that are not addressed in traditional financial planning.  Dentists often have two full-time jobs – dentist and practice CEO.  Finity Group has a team of dental financial advisors who will partner with you in balancing your personal and professional financial goals and challenges, such as managing debt and personal wealth, establishing financial strategies for a practice, retirement planning for both the individual and employees of the practice, tax strategies and risk management. Regardless of the chosen practice path, the income potential affords most dentists the ability to save at a significant rate, sometimes even creating scenarios for early retirement.  With greater income, there are often additional tax challenges and asset protection concerns.  Our financial advisors are highly trained in financial planning for dentists at all stages of their careers. 

We understand the needs and nuances of financial planning for medical professionals – both dentists and physicians/residents.  As a busy medical professional, you likely don’t have the time or expertise to properly plan for your financial future on your own.  Finity Group provides real life solutions to the real life challenges you face, and we give you confidence knowing that an experienced financial professional is helping you create a roadmap for your financial future.  

Financial Planning

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