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Most people get a little advice from their parents once in a while.  A lot of times it’s great advice!  When it comes to financial advice, sometimes our parents may be advising based on the economic reality they faced, not the one you’re facing.  In this episode, Rachelle and Corey address some of the changes over time that have made financial planning different for our generation, and what may impact future generations.

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Differences include:

  • Where people save money and how they use credit or debt as a tool.
  • Differences in housing affordability.
  • Staggering student loan debt for many of you.
  • A wide variety of retirement accounts and investment tools that are easily accessible to retail investors.
  • Less access to pensions and concerns about the future of Social Security Income.
  • And maybe the biggest difference – a willingness to talk about money! Not just with your parents, but with friends and colleagues as well at times.


The bottom line is that every person’s individual circumstances determine how we should approach paying down debt, saving for retirement, and many other financial goals.  Chances are, your situation is different than your parents’.  And different that your colleagues’ or neighbors’ for that matter as well!



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