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Generally, Rachelle and Corey are big fans of keeping things simple on Financial Clarity for DoctorsBut in some situations, a little more complicated can be a lot more helpfulFor those in higher tax brackets, direct indexing can be a more tax efficient way to invest in the broader market than using mutual funds or ETFs.  In this episode of Financial Clarity for Doctors, learn a little more about it. 

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In this episode, learn: 

  • How indexes are a measure of the performance of lots of different companies in a particular category. 
  • How mutual funds and ETFs are designed to mirror that performance. 
  • The difference between investing in an index fund and direct indexing. 
  • The index fund realizes gains and losses when it places trades to be more in line with the performance of the underlying index. 
  • With direct indexing, you can choose if/when/what to buy and sell to minimize capital gains. 
  • The benefits of index investing and direct indexing. 


      This strategy may be more complicated than many people need in their financial plan, but can make a big difference in when and how you pay capital gains taxes, especially in large accounts.  If you have a large sum of money to invest in a brokerage account, definitely something to learn more about and consider. 

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