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The New Year is a great time to pause and reflect on your goals and values.  Your financial plan is a huge part of that!  In this episode of Financial Clarity for Doctors, Corey and Rachelle offer some suggestions of things to reflect on and how to use that to adjust.

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What should you focus on?

  • Worried about anything financially? – Start there!  This can be uncomfortable but is likely the most productive use of your time.
  • Reflect on your spending and ask yourself if you’re spending money on the things you value.
    • Love good food? – Awesome!
    • Enjoy traveling, but not enough to feel like your $20,000 spend was appropriate? – Plan smaller or fewer trips this year.
  • Double check your progress on debt repayment.
    • Knocking out credit cards?
    • Crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s for PSLF?
  • Review your progress toward short-term savings goals like a home down payment.
  • Add up how much you were able to save toward your long-term goals. Was it 10% of your gross income?  20%?  20% is often a good goal to work toward as a medical professional.
  • Take some time to make sure you have enough insurance coverage for your current situation.
    • More kids and more income, may mean you need more life insurance for example.
  • Speaking of kids, check your progress toward any college savings goals and other goals you may have for them.


This is a lot!  Sometimes you feel comfortable reviewing on your own, but this is also a great thing to do with your financial advisor.  If you review a bit on your own and have specific thoughts or concerns for your advisor, schedule a meeting and make some adjustments.  When you have a better understanding of how you’re doing, you can plan much more effectively.

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