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Discounts and Freebies for Healthcare Workers 

Written by: Corey Janoff 

With healthcare workers on the frontlines of this COVID-19 battle, many companies have stepped up to offer perks, discounts and freebies for healthcare workers.  Whether it be free personal protective equipment (PPE) or generous discounts on clothes and food, there is a lot out there if you look.  Do some simple google searching and you can possibly find a discount code for whatever you are looking for if you are a healthcare worker.   

This week we thought it would be nice to compile a list of some discounts and perks that might be of interest to our readers.  By no means is this complete.  Nobody would read this entire post if we listed every healthcare worker discount we could find.  This could be a starting point for some things you may be looking for, but feel free to search for the specific product you want online to see if that company is offering any special discounts! 


  • Amazon offering free kindle books for nurses.  

  • Free Crocs from ZapposMy wife would never be seen with me in public if I bought a pair. 

  • $60 Allbirds with promo code healthcarehero. 

  • 15% discount on DC shoes.   

  • Free shoe insoles from Mega Comfort (waitlist currently).   

  • 20% off Puma apparel for nurses & first responders.   

  • 20% off Saucony for nurses and first responders.  

  • 30% off Skechers & free shipping for essential workers. 

  • 30% off Sperry for first responders and frontline workers.  

  • 50% off Timberland for medical workers and first responders.  

  • 40% off Adidas for healthcare workers, first responders, and military.  

  • 60% off Asics for medical professionals and first responders.  

  • 30% off Athletic Propulsion Labs for healthcare workers.  

  • 25% off Carhartt for first responders, nurses, and military.  

  • 10% off Columbia Sportswear for first responders, military and teachers.  

  • 30% off Tommy John for healthcare workers.   

  • 25% off Ray Ban for first responders.  

  • $100 off Nanit baby monitor for healthcare workers 

  • 7% off Lenovo computers for Nurses & first responders 

  • 20% off Ring Doorbells for military and first responders.  

Food & Drink 

  • Free 6-pack of Coors Light! 

  • Free Door Dash DashPass to hospitals. $0 delivery and reduced service fees.  

  • 20% off Hooters for hospital workers and military with valid ID at pickup.  Known for their wings… 

  • 20% off IHOP with official medical, military, or police/firefighter ID.   

  • $1 Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donut with purchase of full price item for healthcare workers on Monday’s through Labor Day. 

  • Free takeout for healthcare workers from Nando’s with uniform or ID. 

  • 10% off Outback Steakhouse for healthcare workers and first responders.  

  • Many restaurants are offering discounts and free add-ons for healthcare workers. Just ask! 


  • Many local distilleries are also making hand sanitizer for healthcare workers and first responders.  


  • Free access to Down Dog app until July 1 for healthcare professionals.  

  • Free Base Camp Power Yoga for healthcare workers.  Instructions in Instagram comments.  


  • Most car rental companies are offering discounts for healthcare workers.  

  • Many car dealers are offering discounts to healthcare workers.  

  • A lot of places are doing free car washes, tire rotations, and oil changes for healthcare workers.   


  • Free room at Hilton hotels for health care workers.   

  • Friends and family rate at Hayatt hotels through June 30, 2021.  

  • 40% off for traveling nurses through Sonder 


  • Supposedly UBreakIFix will repair Samsung phones for health care professionals and first responders for free. 

  • Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint all offering discounts to healthcare customers.  

  • $500 off solar panels through SunPro Solar for healthcare employees.  

Many local businesses are offering special discounts and perks for healthcare workers too.  If you are a healthcare worker or first responder, do a quick Google search to see if there are any special discounts available for the things you are looking for.  Some of these listed offers will close and new ones will come available.   

Stay healthy, stay safe, and thanks to all the healthcare workers out there! 

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