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Written by: Corey Janoff

It is my pleasure to introduce Finity Group’s Financial Education Library!  We have recorded over a dozen short videos covering various pertinent financial planning topics everyone should learn about.  Each video is between one and eight minutes in length and features one of Finity Group’s financial advisors teaching the audience about the topic at hand.  You can watch one video and leave, or you can grab a bowl of popcorn and binge-watch your way through the whole series.

Financial Education Library

Below is a summary of each video in the Financial Education Library, sorted into Investing Education, Insurance Education, and Debt Management.  The Financial Education Library is hosted by Brainshark.  Once signed in, you will be able to skip around to view the content as you please.  You will need to provide your name and email address in order to enter the Financial Education Library and begin viewing videos.  There is no cost and you won’t be signed up for a spam mailing list.   Below are brief summaries of all of the videos currently viewable in the library. 

Investing Education

investing education

This section was recorded by some of Finity Group’s most experienced financial advisors and centers around finance and investment subjects that come up most frequently with clients.  After viewing all of these videos, you should have a solid grasp of the basics of investing, know the ways in which you can diversify your investments, and have an idea of how much to save for retirement.  Click the links below to be redirected to the video library. 

The Power of Compound Interest

In this video, yours truly takes a look at compound interest and the power it can yield.  Get on the right side of it and it can accelerate you towards your goals.  Get on the wrong side of it and prepare for an uphill battle.  

Three Forms of Diversification

Anders Ramstad, CFP® gives an overview of the three main ways in which you can diversify your investments and why each way is important to your overall financial strategy. 

Asset Class Diversification

Taking the baton from Anders, Cole Kimball, CFA treats us to a summary of diversifying your investments by investing in different asset classes.  He also reviews why rebalancing your investment portfolio on a regular basis is important. 

Time Horizon Diversification

Toastmasters champion Owen Chambers walks viewers through why it is important to look at the time horizon of your goals and how that can help you determine what type of investments are appropriate for you. 

Tax Treatment Diversification

It’s April, which means the US Government’s favorite holiday is here – Tax Day!  In this video, Mike Merrill, CFP® reviews the ways you can diversify your investments according to the way in which they are taxed and how that can benefit you over time. 

How Much to Save for Retirement

Me again.  In this video I discuss things to consider when saving for retirement and offer some guidelines for how much to save based on what your retirement goals are. 

Roth IRA’s

Lead author of Financial Planning Basics for Doctors, Marshall Weintraub, CFP® gives an overview of Roth IRA’s and the role they plan in your retirement plan.  He also highlights ways to get money into Roth IRA’s when your income or marital status prevent you from contributing directly to one. 

Insurance Education

Whoever said insurance is boring is probably making an accurate statement, yet it is one of the most common things clients ask us about.  You don’t think you need insurance….until you need it.  Then it is one of the most important things you could possibly own.  In this section, we review different types of insurances we get questions on, as well as how to determine if you even need a particular type of insurance. 

What to Insure Against

John Neri, AIF® gives viewers a quick introduction to insurance planning and how to quickly determine whether or not you should consider purchasing a particular insurance product. 

Disability Insurance

Spencer Salvador dives into the number one topic that doctors and dentist ask us about.  He discusses the important points of selecting a disability insurance company, how much coverage to purchase, the best time to apply for coverage, and ways to structure a policy to give you the best value possible. 

Term Life Insurance

Michael Okinaka, CFP® gives us a quick summary of the difference between temporary and permanent life insurance and why term insurance is the most popular type of life insurance.  He also looks at things to consider when applying for term life insurance and how to determine an appropriate amount of coverage.

Permanent Life Insurance

Associate Vice President and financial advisor, Evan White tackles the most polarizing type of insurance.  While not for everyone, it can be appropriate to consider permanent life insurance in certain circumstances.  Evan offers scenarios for when it potentially makes sense to purchase a permanent life insurance policy instead of a term policy and gives the audience a brief summary of some different kinds of permanent life insurance policies. 

Umbrella Liability Insurance

John Neri, AIF® is back to inform people about the most overlooked insurance policy that almost everyone should own.  He will explain what umbrella insurance is, why it is important, and where to get it.

Business Owner Insurance

If you are not a business owner, you can probably skip this one.  For those who are business owners or those who aspire to be business owners one day, James Fox will enlighten you on the various types of insurance that business owners should have. 

Debt Management Education

student loan repayment

Most people have debts in one form or another.  Some have a larger debt package than others.  This section covers some common themes we see with debt and hits on the debt-related topics that are pertinent for many of you. 

Debt as a Concept

Owen Chambers delivers another video, this one being a brief overview of debt in general, options for repaying debt, and how to minimize the interest expense that you incur.

Home Buying / Physician Loans

In his second Financial Education Library video, Anders Ramstad CFP® discusses rules of thumb for buying a house and options unique to physicians and dentists for securing favorable mortgages.

Emergency Reserve Savings

Carlie Ransom brings us a video on the value of an emergency reserve account, what it should look like, and how to go about accumulating an emergency fund with all of your other financial obligations.

Student Loans

For our last video in the Financial Education Library, Karl Rainer, CFP® drops some knowledge on the audience about student loans.  Repayment options.  Steps to take if you are considering pursuing Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).  This one is bound to be one of our most watched videos. 

Start Watching and Share with Friends!

This concludes our first installment of educational videos in our Financial Education Library.  Check back in the future for more content.  Please share videos with your friends who you feel would be interested.  As always, we are happy to connect individually with anyone who has further questions about these topics. 

financial education

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