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financial balance

You can’t focus only on the dollars and cents.  Life is about making memories, and it’s important to find the right balance between your current quality of life and financial security now and in the future.  Scroll down to listen to the episode!

Make some goals.  We always want people to prioritize reaching their financial goals, whether that’s being prepared to retire early or paying down debt quickly.  You also need to prioritize experiencing the world.

Avoid burnout.  Of course you should work hard!  But not at the expense of being able to maintain a long and enjoyable career.

Leave room for a personal life.  For those of us with young families, keep in mind that your kids are only young once.   And you are only young once too!  Most people don’t get healthier over time, so make sure you leave a little room to do some exciting things while you have age and health on your side.

Tip of the Day:  Balance is key.  You can’t always make the fun choice, but you can’t always make the financially optimal choice either.


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