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If you are looking for more resources to dive into financial planning, this episode is for youCorey and Rachelle list out a few of their favorite books, blogs, and podcastsThere is a little something for everyone here! 

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  • Some of our favorites include: 
  • Financial Planning Basic for Doctors by Marshall Weintraub, et al. 
  • Advisors at our firm wrote this one! 
  • The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel 
  • Behavior Gap and The One Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards 
  • The Opposite of Spoiled by Ron Lieber 



    • Everyone’s favorite, The White Coat Investor! A little biased against advisors and a little heavy on the advertisements, but still a wealth of information. 
    • Another classic, The Physician on FIRE.  For those that want to achieve financial independence as quickly as possible. 
    • If you like numbers and analysis, Of Dollars and Data with Nick Maggiulli is great. 
    • If you like a little of everything, Abnormal Returns aggregates daily finance articles and blogs from around the web. 



    • Do you really want or need anything other than our pearls of wisdom?  Maybe! Different perspectives can be very helpful and cover different topics. 
    • Dr. Bonnie Koo at Wealthy Mom MD talks about her own journey through medical training and debt. 
    • Corey’s favorite, Morgan Housel, has a podcast! 


    Listen to the episode to hear more about these resources and our thoughts on them.  With any media, especially resources found online, use your critical thinking skills and verify information before committing it to long-term memory.  In the end, a lot of this is behavior-based, and you have to find the resources that work well for you. 

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