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Welcome back and thank you for listening to another episode of Financial Clarity for Doctors!  In this episode, Corey and Rachelle chat about one way you can improve your financial situation.  In general, you can either decrease your spending (difficult) or increase your income (maybe less difficult).  Let’s focus on increasing that income!


Ways to make more money include:


Negotiating – When you take on that first attending job, but also throughout your career

Working extra shifts and boosting RVUs

Side hustles like MedLegal work, reviewing insurance claims, writing/speaking, and locums

Making the change to a higher paying job


As always, Rachelle and Corey bring it back to money values in the end.  You should always be asking yourself if you are aligning the way you spend and make money with the things that really matter to you.  If you are earning more, put that extra toward your big goals.  And making more money to achieve your financial goals can absolutely make sense, but for some folks, the priority may be more time and flexibility which may mean reducing that spending.


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