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In this episode, Corey and Rachelle take a little inspiration from Bill Perkins and his book Die with Zero.  It’s an interesting concept (but scary to most people).  Ultimately, the idea is to use the resources you have while you can enjoy them. 

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  • Thinking of every dollar you leave behind as hours you worked. 
  • Strategically planning WHEN to use your money and other resources including time. 
    • When you are young and healthy, you are better able to enjoy things. 
  • Planning to gift money earlier rather than at the end of your life. 
    • Kids may benefit more from resources earlier on when they don’t have a lot of their own resources. 
    • Charitable organizations can always use support sooner than later as well. 
  • Ways to protect yourself in the case of a long lifespan. 
    • Creating income streams. 
    • Using insurances to mitigate some of the larger risks like high-cost end of life care. 

It is still important to develop healthy savings and spending habits, but it’s also important to use and enjoy the resources you have. 

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