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This episode is an extra special one where Corey interviews his dad, Dr. Kenneth Janoff, a retired surgeon about his career in medicine and achieving financial independence.   

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He shares stories from growing up in New Jersey, going to medical school at Temple University, what it was like transitioning from med school in North Philly to residency in Portland, OR in the late 70’s. He shares his experience starting his own practice straight out of fellowship and successfully running that practice for over 30 years.  They also talk about how medicine has changed over the past four decades. 

They get into what started his interest in business and investing, some of his investment successes (and misses), contributing factors to achieving financial independence (such as prioritizing saving and investing early on), and offer advice for how to prepare for an enjoyable retirement.  

He wraps up the conversation with a story about getting disabled midway through his career (fortunately it wasn’t permanent) and the importance of disability insurance.   

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