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Thanks for listening to Financial Clarity for Doctors everyone!  Everyone loves to talk about the important of diversifying their investments, but in this episode Rachelle and Corey dive into a different way to think about diversification.  Yes, it’s important to make sure we’re not putting all our eggs in one basket (let’s not go all in on one company folks!), but let’s take a minute to think about the different kinds of baskets we can use.

Taxes are confusing!  In this episode we’ll chat about:

  • Tax advantages associated with various types of retirement accounts.
  • Roth vs pre-tax savings options.
  • Capital gains taxes.
  • How and when you will be taxed on your investments. With almost every investment account, you must pay taxes at some point.
  • Retirement distribution strategies.
  • The magical unicorn that is a Health Savings Account.

Bottom line, it is very, VERY, important to understand the tax implications of different investment strategies.  But also to understand that tax law is constantly evolving.  If you can diversify your savings with accounts that are taxed in different ways, you have some flexibility to adapt to changing tax law when you are taking distributions.  This can dramatically affect how much tax you pay and how much income you have in retirement.

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