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Welcome to another episode of the Financial Clarity for Doctors Podcast.  We are very excited to explore a topic outside of our general expertise, investing in startups.  So, we brought in an expert to answer all of our questions, Eric Perlmutter-Gumbiner aka Mr. EPG. 

Eric has a BS in Business Administration, coupled with an MBA and a law degree, all from USC.  He provides counsel to startup companies and he also advises and negotiates contracts for investors in startups. 

Doctors get pitched business/investment ideas from friends, family, and acquaintances all the time.  In this episode, you will learn what to consider before investing and what key questions you should be asking. 

We dive into the common ways investment opportunities are structured and what investors should know about their exit strategy in order to realize a return on their investment. 

Eric has a lot of experience reviewing these types of contracts, so we ask him what he looks for and if there are any common red flags or must-haves. 

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. 

Thanks again to the Financial Clarity Blog, our amazing clients, and the whole team at The Finity Group. 

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