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You worked hard to get where you are today, so it’s essential you know what you’re stepping into when you select you to make that next big move. Physician contracts can contain convoluted language in your contractual agreement(s); a team can lend you our experience and expertise to ensure that you can make a well-informed decision. If you’re making the transition into practice after years of extensive training or looking to further your career with a new employer, having a physician contract review team can help you better understand your contract. 

Contractual language can be scary or hard to understand to those unfamiliar, and occasionally essential items to your success and happiness in the role can be overlooked. Most contract reviews will help you by going over the compensation, benefits package, non-compete clauses, duties and obligations, retirement plan information, student loan forgiveness eligibility, and the like.


Understanding the full picture of what you’re walking into, especially when you’re just starting, can help you get your career on the right track. You spent countless hours and dollars preparing for this career; make sure you’re getting what you’re worth, and the confidence knowing your offer is comparable to your colleagues. 

Learn more about Finity Groups Physician Contract Review services:  https://thefinitygroup.com/services/physician-contract-review

Physician Contract Review

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