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financial clarity for doctors

This week we have a special bonus episode.  Our very own Peggy Haslach takes over the podcast.  When I was young, mothers would say to their daughters, “Settle down and find yourself a good doctor to marry.” Today we are joined by Lara McElderry host of the Married To Doctors podcast who tells us that being married to a doctor is not the life of shopping and country clubs people seem to think it is. And she is very appreciative to the role she can play helping her doctor and other spouses of doctors.  Scroll down for the audio-only version. 

The Spouses are the glue in the household.   The spouses of doctors often must put their own lives on hold while their spouses finish their residencies and fellowships. That often requires they put up with moving and the possibility that it will take some time to get to their “dream doctor job.” The purpose of the Married To Doctors podcast is to provide community and support to those spouses that share the similar experiences of being married to a doctor.

The Spouses are the CEO, CFO and COO of the household.  Often if the non-medical spouse in the household will be the ones that run the household both financially and operationally. These spouses not only need to keep the home running, but they need to learn how deal with specific issues that doctors and their families face.

The spouses are on the front line with their spouses during the COVID–19 crises.  Those doctors who are treating the COVID patients are putting their lives on the lines. Those doctors that are not treating  COVID-19 are clearing their schedules and are only working on limited cases and with limited supplies. This is putting stresses on the family. Doctors, nurses and all the professionals are truly our heroes right now.

Tip of the Day:  It is important that we all take care of ourselves so that we can be there to care for our families. We are all looking for good solid advice and support these days. Please share if you know or work with an expert at working with people like you.

 If you’d like to learn more about Lara, her and her work, check out MarriedToDoctors.com.  You can also find a link to her MarriedToDoctors podcast: http://marriedtodoctors.libsyn.com/ and her new Positivity When Social Distancing Podcast: http://socialdistancing.libsyn.com/

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