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investment risks doctors face 

There are many different types of investment risks.  The recent public health crisis and resulting market volatility has demonstrated one type of risk, but there are other things to consider with your long-term investments as well.  Try not to focus on one type of risk and ignore all the others.  Scroll down to listen or download on your favorite podcast app!

 Changes in price.  We have seen huge changes in the stock market almost daily lately.  Focusing on daily pricing can be very stressful.  If we are investing for long-term growth, we want to focus more on being allocated in a way that gives our money the opportunity to grow over long periods of time.  In the short-term that means your money could go either up or down.

Inflation.  Things get more expensive over time.  If your long-term money is tied up in an account that cannot increase in value, when you need it, you may not have enough to get by comfortably.

Fear of missing out.  Don’t get caught up in short-term returns and ignore what your real goals are.  Sometimes that hot stock pick is entirely inappropriate.

Risk of not meeting your goals.  Focus on being disciplined and saving enough.  We can’t control what the stock market is doing, but we can control how much we are spending and how much we are saving.  So focus on the things you can control and have reasonable expectations!

 Tip of the Day:  Focus on long-term goals with long-term money and keep any money you need in the short-term in an account that is stable in value.  This means an FDIC-insured savings account!

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