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Some Things Never Change

We often focus in life (and in this podcast) on the things that are constantly evolving.  In this episode of Financial Clarity for Doctors, Corey and Rachelle discuss some of the constants in finances – the things you can anticipate AND address.

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Some constants include:

  • How much you save matters.
  • The easier and more automated things are, the more you can do them consistently.
    • Be prepared for the lazier aspects of the human personality!
  • Discomfort can be a great tool for learning and improving.
  • Diversification reduces risk.
  • There is a trade off between risk and reward.
  • Death and Taxes!


We can’t prepare ourselves for many things in life because we don’t know about everything!  It makes sense to be cognizant of the things we DO know and act accordingly.  We’ve talked about this before, but focus on what you know (and also what you can control).

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