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estate planning for doctors

Creating a will and other estate planning documents is not exactly fun, but it’s a gift to those you leave behind.   One thing we can do is make our wishes clear, so our loved ones can navigate a difficult situation a little more easily.  Scroll to the bottom to listen!

What is estate planning?   At its most basic, an estate plan is a set of documents that help others carry out your wishes when you are incapacitated or have passed away.  Some of the main components include a will, documents that direct medical and financial decisions if you are incapacitated (medical directive and power of attorney), and potentially a trust.

Always name a guardian for your children.  This is one of the main purposes of a will for individuals with minor children.   The courts will attempt to determine a guardian for your children in line with their best interests, but it may not be what you would have wanted.

Beneficiaries.  Revisit beneficiary designations on investment accounts and insurance policies periodically (especially if things change).   If your will and the beneficiary on an account contradict each other, the beneficiary designation will be followed.


Tip of the Day:  There are lots of “do it yourself” services out there but having a guide through the estate planning process can help you make sure that you don’t miss things.  There may be things you don’t know that you don’t know.


Thank you to Bob Kabacy for joining us on the show.  Feel free to reach out if you’d like to get in touch with him or an estate planning attorney near you.

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