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Written by: Corey Janoff 

Continuing with the Financial Literacy Month theme, we thought it would be a good idea to list some valuable resources to grow your financial literacy.  Rather than focus on one topic, like we typically do each week with the blog post, we’ll reference a number of resources that we and others have created to help you grow your financial knowledge and ultimately reach financial independence.  

Financial Reading List 

About once a year or every other year, I put together a new recommended financial book reading list with a handful of books I’ve read that would be worthwhile for you to read too.  If you’re looking for some ideas for your upcoming summer reading list, you can peruse some of these titles: 

Financial Reading List 1

Financial Reading List 2

Financial Reading List 3


Morgan Housel’s Weekly Blog Post

Morgan Housel is one of the best finance writers today.  He writes a (typically) weekly blog post published on his company’s website.  Always interesting, easy to digest, and understand.  I encourage all of you to check it out.   

The book he published in 2020, The Psychology of Money, is a must-read.  Each chapter starts with a different story to exemplify a different financial concept and really focuses on how people think about money and act in different circumstances.  

Financial Education Library 

We created some short videos about numerous financial planning topics and concepts a few years ago that live on our website in our Financial Education Library.  We’re working on upgrading our website and plan to add to this section as time goes on.  If you’re looking to learn more in audio/video format about various types of investment accounts, debt strategies, and insurances, look no further.   

Finity Group YouTube Channel 

In addition to the Financial Education Library, we’re working on expanding Finity Group’s YouTube channel.  Right now, it is mostly video versions of our bi-weekly podcast episodes.  Our plan is to expand this content as well.   

Financial Clarity for Doctors Podcast 

Many of our doctor clients already subscribe and listen to our bi-weekly podcast, Financial Clarity for Doctors, hosted by Rachelle Vanderzanden and myself.  Each episode is about 30 minutes, and maybe 45 if we have a guest we are interviewing.  We focus on the common personal finance topics our clients have questions about, so it should be relevant for most of you, even if you’re not a doctor.   

Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.  If you can’t find it on your preferred podcast platform, please email us at podcast@thefinitygroup.com and let us know.  

Finity Group’s Weekly Newsletter 

Did you know we send out a weekly email newsletter? If you aren’t already signed up for it, you can sign up here!  Each week we feature our weekly blog post, the latest podcast episode, and usually a helpful article or something.   

Social Media Channels 

We hired a dedicated social media person about a year ago to help take our social media content to the next level.  If you’re looking for helpful daily finance education and resources, follow Finity Group on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.   

Great Quotes About Money 

I love this blog post we put together a couple of years ago by scouring the internet and compiling several quotes about money and finance.  Some are moving; some are witty, snarky, and funny.  Check them out here: Great Quotes About Money.  

Finance News, Blogs, Apps 

Some of the useful apps that people use for budgeting or to track their investment accounts include You Need A BudgetMintPersonal Capital.   

Most of you are familiar with Wall Street Journal.  It does require a subscription, but some of their articles are free.  MarketWatch also has some good finance articles on it.  There are many others to feed your appetite.   

There are more personal finance blogs out there than anyone could count.  I’m a fan of Financial Samurai and Physician on FIRE.  Explore for yourself and see which one’s appeals to you.   


This list should give you some resources if you’re looking to grow your financial literacy.  Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with requests or recommendations for what you would like to see more on the blog or other content channels.  

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