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Written by: Corey Janoff 

May 6th is National Nurses Day (and May 6-12 is National Nurses Week), so writing about why we love nurses just makes sense.  Be sure to send any nurses you know your gratitude this week!  Nurses are often the unsung heroes in our entire healthcare system, so time to show them some praise!  Here are ten reasons we love nurses. 

1. Nurses Are Compassionate and Caring 

I’m pretty sure compassionate and caring are prerequisites for the job description.  They probably won’t even let you into nursing school unless you possess those traits.  You would have no interest in being a nurse if you didn’t care about others.  Every time I have been to a hospital or doctors office, you can tell the nurses really care about the patients.  

2. Nurses are Friendly 

Most nurses are very friendly and personable!  Where there’s a nurse, there’s a smile.  They always have good stories to share.  If you are interacting with people all day or nightyou must get along with others.   

3. Nurses are Selfless 

This one goes without saying.  Nurses go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you get the care you need.  It could be running down the hall to get you an extra pillow, or wiping your backside because you are incapable.   

4. Nurses are Trustworthy 

Can you think of someone you would trust more with your care than a nurse?  We’ll show up to the doctor or hospital and have no issue with a complete stranger (who is a nurse) take care of us.  Nurses are routinely voted as the most trustworthy profession in polls, beating others by a Usain Bolt sized margin.   

5. Nurses Are Our Primary Caregivers at the Hospital 

When you first arrive at a hospital, who checks you in?  A nurse.  Who escorts you to the exam room? A nurse.  When you get into the exam room, who is the first person to examine and interact with you? A Nurse.  They get your vitals, ask about your symptoms, and coordinate the care you need.  Throughout your visit to the hospital or doctor’s office, they’re ones doing most of the work! 

6. Nurses Juggle Many Responsibilities 

Piggybacking on number 4, nurses wear multiple hats.  They get the initial evaluation of your current state.  They report to and coordinate the different specialists who need to see you.  When we delivered our kids, the nurse was the one arranging for and communicating with the OB, the anesthesiologist, the pediatricianthe lab, the other nurses, and anyone else involved with my wife’s care.  Occasionally they would check to make sure I was OK too!   


7. Nurses Triage us at the Emergency Room 

People go to the emergency room when they believe they need medical care.  Who is the first person they talk to upon arrival?  A nurse. You may think your dying and need to be seen ASAP.  The nurse decides whether you are dying or if you can wait a few hours before being seen.  Maybe you think your issue is no big deal, but the nurse determines you are dying and need to be rushed to the operating room!  Nurses make sure we get the urgent care we need when we need it.   

8. Nurses are Strong 

It takes some physical and a lot of mental strength to be a nurse.  Not only are they on their feet for a 12-hour shift, nurses deal with all sorts of people with all sorts of conditions.  They comfort the sweet lady in Room A who isn’t going to make it, while also providing great care for the disrespectful jerk in Room B.  Nursing can be a very stressful and emotionally demanding profession, yet nurses seem to have ice water running through their veins and are cool as a cucumber throughout all of it.   

9. Nurses are Highly Skilled 

Nurses can assess your current state of health, take your pulse, check your blood pressure, start an IV, give you shots and medication, among other things.  Depending on their training or the setting they work in, they may have additional advanced qualifications.   

10. Nurses Can Be a Great Example for All of Us 

I cannot think of another profession where only positive adjectives come to mind.  Can you think of any negative attributes of nurses you have interacted with?  If we are looking for examples for how to care for others or ways to conduct ourselves in general, look no further.   


international nurses day

Happy National Nurses Week! 

Thank you to all the nurses out there for all that you do!  You provide us the best care when we need it and are the glue to our entire healthcare system.  We don’t know what we would do without you!  Enjoy your day – you deserve it! 

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